Life at 4 Months

Gabriel has been a busy guy and experienced so much since making his sudden entrance into the world way back in September. He met many aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, and great-grandmothers, celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary (and several holidays), became the youngest student at Stuart School of Business, rode the Metra, flew on four airplanes […]

Baby pics!

Here are a couple slideshows to share, it’s exciting how much baby is growing! Click on the galleries to scroll through all of the images. And it was a pleasant, unexpected surprise to see some 3-D images at the ultrasound last week. We can’t stop staring at these pictures, but can you blame us?! Check out that […]

A new brew!

Since our last blog post, we’ve brewed 9 more batches of beer, started grad school, moved to the suburbs, brewed 6 more batches, put the home brewery on a “grad school hiatus,” and moved into a new apartment (again)… to name a few! Despite the long break, we’ve got something new brewing and we’re 110% positive that this […]

The First Beers

We’re now seven beers into our homebrewing adventure. Over the past two months we have brewed: Batch #1 – Everyday IPA (Brooklyn Brew Shop kit) Batch #2 – Somethin’ Witty (a Belgian Witbier) Batch #3 – Rockett Witt (same recipe as #2, but brewed for my mother-in-law’s wedding) Batch #4 – “Pale Ale” SMaSH (single […]

We Brewin’ Now

We like beer. Shocking, I know. Ever since moving to Chicago, Natalie and I have become quite the fans of good beer and we make it a point to visit local breweries during any vacation or trip. For the past year or so I’ve wanted to brew beer but found myself discouraged when I learned […]